Secret for a Good Cup of Coffee

Apr 4, 2020

Use more coffee grounds than usual, this is why k-cups make a great cup of coffee. If you are like me, you have your favorite coffee grounds and single cup coffee maker, you prefer to avoid buying k-cups. If this is the case, you don't skimp on the coffee when filling your single cup coffee holder. Fill it to the top. If you drink your coffee black, you can stop here!

For the rest of us, if you added sweetener to your coffee, add before your start brewing. The heat from the liquid will help dissolve the sweetener evenly.

If you use creamer, you add after the brewing, but leaving room for the creamer as not to overflow your cup. If you like half-n-half but don't like the high prices, try evaporated can milk like PET or Carnation. This milk has a longer shelf life, and when you open the can, you can pour into a dollar store container and refrigerate. My grandmother loved PET milk with her coffee.

If you like flavored coffee, you can save on by buying regular coffee and buy a bottle of flavorings from the dollar store.

This technique works on instant coffee, add the coffee, sweetener and any flavorings to your coffee cup, then add the hot water, followed by your creamer.

My friends would always have me make the coffee, because they have commented that I make a great cup of coffee. The above techniques are my secret.




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