Retirement for Gig Economy Workers

Oct 10, 2019

This could be an oxymoron, but doesn't have to be with help of a tax regulation and the

Using a self-directed IRA, you can invested in your own portfolio (a later topic discussion by itself).

Where does the fit in? The (provided by Square, a US-based company) has the ability to buy and sell bitcoin. This is a safe method for buying, selling and storing your bitcoin.

Why? Because Square becomes the custodian of your bitcoin. This means they setup the bitcoin wallet and maintain it. Since Square is a US-based company, they are subject to regulations, so if anything happens to your bitcoin wallet, Square is accountable and you have legal recourse (just search for stories of compromised bitcoin wallets)

Setting up your bitcoin quick and simple and requires a valid government id with photo. If there are no issues, you will be able to buy bitcoin in about an hour. You can buy as little as $10,.

Once your account is established, you can linked your Uber GoBank Debit to the account (if you drive for Uber). Each night that you cash out from Uber through their instant payout to your free Uber GoBank debit card, you can then buy bitcoin from the If you have weekly payouts to your bank account, then link your bank debit card to your account.

To buy bitcoin from the, first you add money to your account. If you are using your Uber debit card, I would recommend only buying 10% of your daily earnings. Once you have the funds deposited into your account. They buy some bitcoin from the bitcoin tab bar option, where you are presented with a Buy and Sell option. The Deposit Bitcoin option is for receiving Bitcoin from other users. My BTC address is 1FjvkiYbcFiNJdM57z7Bj8LJcKRCjUqrM9 if you want to send me some bitcoin. Then press the Buy button and using the slider, set the amount you want to buy, then press the BUY link. You will be asked to confirm your purchased and upon a successful transaction, your bitcoin balance will increased. The activity log (symbolized by the clock shows your transactions plus you will receive an email of the transaction. Print and save this email as this is a record of proof for the financial transaction. A good resource for maintaining your bitcoin transactions is

When you buy your first bitcoin, you may ask why is my bitcoin balance less than then my purchase amount? That is I bought $10 but my bitcoin balance is $9.95? Is there a hidden commission, and Square says there are no commissions with bitcoin transactions. So what gives?

There are no buy commissions for bitcoin transactions (when you sell bitcoin, there is a fee). The difference between the purchase amount and the settled amount is a result of the spread between the buy and sell price. Currency traders have a full understanding of the spread and I recommend that you read Currency Trading for Dummies.

Your investment strategy for Bitcoin should be the Dollar Cost Averaging, don't try to "beat the system" or "get greedy."


The permits investing in stock equities. To help identify use companies to invest, download the free Suggested Stock Picker desktop application. Another free desktop application call Robot Financial Advisor, will read the SEC EDGAR 10-Q or 10-K statement and provide a technical analysis? The dividends received from your equity holdings are deposited automatically to your balance. The dividends should be transferred to your American Express Roth IRA Savings (

When your bitcoin holdings have increased, for example, doubled in balance, withdraw a portion of the bitcoin and buy more shares of your dividend paying equities .

When you receive a dividend from your equities, buy more bitcoin (especially if bitcoin has dropped value) [you may need to add more funds to meet the $10 minimum? e.g. $0.73 cash balance from dividend, add $9.27 to your balance from your linked bank account].

Despite what others may say, currency trading is not a long term investment but a short term trading strategy to generate better than equity gains. Using the profits from bitcoin to buy more dividend paying equities with the goal off generating $4000 year in dividends which equates to approximately a little more than $300 per month paid quarterly. An extra $300 to any budget, especially during retirement always help. Depending on your post retirement income, that extra income may be tax free, but verify with your tax professional?

When you buy more bitcoin from your dividend payouts and buy more equities from your bitcoin profits, you are trading/investing with the house money and growing your retirement account.



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