Invest your Rebates! Don't spend it.

Aug 8, 2020

During economic recoveries, business and credit grantors will offer you cash rebates when you spend and use a specific card.

This is your money they are giving back to you and typically is not considered taxable income but verify with your tax professional first.

Other advisors would tell you to pay down debt, but if you have no investment portfolio, this could be an opportunity for you to start investing?

Once you have transferred your cash rebate to your bank or debit card, you then want to open a account. The account permits you to invest as little as $1 in stocks and bitcoin.

Once your rebate is deposited into your account, you need to identify a stock (aka equity) to buy. If you are new to investing, a safe investing strategy is strongly recommended! Invest in blue chip, household name companies that have been operating since your grandparents days. Also adopt a buy-and-hold strategy for companies that pay regular dividends. If you need help locating dividend generating company investments, download the Free Suggested Stock Pick application.

Though you may initially only purchase a single or fractional shares in a company, do not stop until you have acquired at least 100 shares in each company chosen? You should also learn about dollar cost averaging, and research your investments thoroughly before investing any monies/


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