Sep 9, 2018

Survival Revealed was conceived in 1989 while volunteering as a counselor/mentor through an ex-offender re-entry program called Transitions Inc. The goal of this publication to help ex-offenders with useful tips in navigating they way through the complex maze known as society. Many of those original tips were incorporated into the Miami-Dade County Department of Corrections Re-entry Resource Guide. In 2018, survivalrevealed.blog is created to provide a dynamic source of helpful information. Revenue from SURVIVALREVEALED.BLOG: Revenue is generated from the sources;

  • Google Adsense (strategically placed advertisements that complement your reading but does not clutter or distract)
  • Comment Author subscriptions (comment posting is NOT free but requires download of a paid application from the app stores)
  • Annual Edition published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (allowing you to read the tips in an offline environment using your Kindle or Nook enabled device)
  • Display advertisement pages within the Annual Edition.



Survival Revealed originally created as a pamplet in 1989 to help a person get back on their feet. Survival Revealed offers real life tips to survive life shortcomings and excel.

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